1 About us

Welcome to our country home, a place filled with family history on the hills of San Martino Alfieri.

Nadia – a retired English teacher, was born on the hills of San Martino Alfieri with that generous land deeply engrained in her heart.

Sandro – formerly a bank employee, has a passion for the pleasures of a simpler way of life, is fond of making things with his hands and gardening in the countryside air.

Married for forty years, and with two sons working in different parts of the world, we wanted to rediscover a slower pace of living.  So in 2007 we started refurbishing Nadia’s old family home, the walls where her great-grandmother – la ‘granda’ – held court during long winter nights in the stable, now our breakfast room.

When we decided to open our home to our guests, our minds immediately went back to our ancestors, their innate sense of hospitality, typical of who has little to give and yet offers selflessly. These are the generations and voices that echo in the rooms of our B&B; memories of people who have built these places, working the land, taking care of children, growing a family –from Nadia’s great-grandmother all the way to her mother, Ines, who was born in this house and who returned here every summer to breathe in the sweet memory of her childhood.

Times have changed, and yet we hope the spirit behind this enterprise reflects the hospitality of our forebears. That’s why we decided to call our B&B ‘La Granda’: to honour all those grandmas who have lived within these walls and who taught us the simple art of welcoming friends. 


The house is built on memories: from the old bookshelves coming from Nadia’s old school – now part of our library – to the wardrobes belonging to our mothers, to Sandro’s first typewriters. All of this linked by the great central staircase, a surprising design fixture at the heart of our B&B, which uses vintage materials in a breathtaking contemporary structure. 


We have learned from the generations before us to take care of our land, and we are trying to do the same with La Granda. Solar panels provide hot water, the rooms are cooled using a natural air flow system, and we use green and locally sourced and produced products for washing and cleaning. Our rooms also feature self-care products by Aulina, a small, family-run producer whose certified Vegan soap is entirely made with natural ingredients and 80% olive oil, using a cold press procedure powered by solar energy: aulina.it.

Our welcome

We live in the house next to the B&B and we always welcome our guests in person. From our breakfast to every little detail of your stay, our aim is to make you feel part of our family, not merely as guests but as our new friends.