2 Landscape

Vineyards and hazelnut groves, small chapels and old villages on the hills, local delicacies and wines renowned around the world: these are some of the glories of the UNESCO World Heritage Langhe and Roero areas.

The landscape of Langhe and Roero is the result of the combined and harmonious efforts of nature and generations of farmers who have devoted their lives to these hills. Thanks to their wisdom, the Langhe have been part of the UNESCO World Heritage list since 22nd June 2014. These are spaces where you can walk quietly among vineyards and hazelnut orchards, listening to the sounds of the open countryside, and discovering the rich history behind towns like Alba and Asti, or the ancient villages of Govone, La Morra and Barolo.


La Granda is surrounded by dozens of farms and vineyards owned by local wine producers – big and small – with the passion for a perfect glass of red. We are proud of this incredible heritage and we’ll be more than happy to guide our guests and help them choose the best wine tasting experience in the area. 

Art and culture

We are just a few miles away from some of the most atmospheric locations in Northern Italy. Alba, the city of truffles, wine and hazelnuts, with its events attracting tourists and connoisseurs from all around the world; Asti, a city built on a legacy of history and culture; and an endless number of beautifully preserved villages – Govone, La Morra, San Damiano d’Asti, Barolo – each with its own enchanting traditions. 

Food and drink

As per Italian tradition, our region is extraordinarily blessed when it comes to good food. From small restaurants in tiny villages, to some of the best Michelin-starred establishments in the world, you’ll be able to experience some of the very finest cuisine Italy has to offer.